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Our History

In May 1980, the Dallas Inspirational Choir (DIC) was founded by Evangelist Rickie G. Rush. A phenomenal community choir of 150 people began what was unknowingly a springboard for things to come! DIC’s era ended in 1988 as plans for the Inspiring Body of Christ (IBOC) came to fruition among Pastor Rickie G. Rush and nine others. In the summer of 1990, IBOC was officially founded by Pastor Rickie Rush and 63 charter members who joined the vision. The first official church service was held on October 7, 1990, and over the next six months, IBOC’s membership grew to 450 members.

Church Creed:

The greatest tragedy next to dying without God and without hope is to stand at the judgement day empty-handed having lived in a world full of sinners without winning one person to Christ.

As membership continued to grow, nearly doubling in size in just one year, IBOC was blessed to purchase their first building, the former Southern Bible Institute. They joyously celebrated their first service in the new building on Easter Sunday, 1991. A new version of Sunday School and Bible Study was soon instituted as what is now known as Monday School. With a growing body of worshipers, IBOC went from utilizing overflow rooms to moving to two, three, and then four morning services. In 1995, the church began a radio ministry to extend God’s Word to more people.

On October 3, 1999, God granted a financial miracle and the IBOC church relocated to a $6 million, 176,000 square foot campus in Dallas, Texas. The state-of-the-art facility features an ice cream parlor, movie theater, fitness center, racquet ball courts, bowling lanes, and a bridal venue. Moving into this building provided room for the first church store and a larger audio-video ministry. During these memorable years, Pastor Rush and the IBOC Church were propelled into the media with numerous newspaper and magazine articles.

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Starting with just a handful of people

IBOC has grown to over 15,000 members

A gift shop with a dark purple tint. White text over the image says, Visit our gift shop, The Deep, at IBOC

Matthew 4:19 is the foundational scripture for the church’s vision, “Fishers of Men,” which gives IBOC Worldwide Ministries a clear mission and focus. This move of God transformed the church’s logo from a globe to an ichthus symbol. Thanksgiving morning, November 2009, IBOC joyfully moved into a new worship center featuring a 5,000-seat sanctuary, the world’s largest privately owned aquarium (which has been featured on Animal Planet’s, Tanked), a chapel, children’s facilities, a restaurant aptly named “Rushtaurant,” and a gift shop that boasts an underwater experience, “The Deep.” The main lobby entrance aquarium and two additional entrances each displaying cylindrical aquariums are faithful visual reminders of IBOC’s Matthew 4:19 church mission. Starting with just a handful of people, IBOC has grown to over 15,000 members!

Though Pastor Rickie Rush and the Inspiring Body of Christ
commemorate over 34 years of winning souls to Christ,

God’s plans continue.

Service Schedule

Sunday Worship
Sundays, 10:00 am (All CST)

Monday School
Mondays, 7:00 pm (CST)