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We Are

Fishers of Men

Church Near Me in Dallas Texas - Our Mission

The Inspiring Body of Christ church in Dallas, Texas is a place of worship to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We offer true praise to God and impeccable service to our members and visitors. Our church mission is taken directly from God’s Word as we are “Fishers of Men” who joyfully introduce Christ to the world one person at a time. IBOC also stands united to encourage those already in Christ to “stick and stay” with Him. There are many churches in the Dallas area, however, in one visit to the IBOC Church in Dallas, TX, you will determine that we are sold out to God and all that He has for us as His children. You will experience an outpouring of the love of God, a power-packed Word from God, and a praise celebration fit for our King—Jesus Christ!

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At each entrance of our Worship Center, you will see a visual representation of the IBOC Mission.

We Are Fishers of Men. You will be in awe at the beautiful fish from the ocean all surviving in the same environment. IBOC has three aquariums with real-life divers inside! You see, God has sent various people—all of varying backgrounds and cultures—to become members of our church. In doing so, He teaches us that we are all called to come together, in one environment (the church), to function as ONE Body of Christ.

Our church mission is taken directly from GOD'S WORD as we are

“Fishers of Men”

who joyfully introduce
Christ to the world one person at a time.
- Matthew 4:19

Our History

Pastor Rickie G. Rush and the Inspiring Body of Christ commemorate over 25 years of winning souls to Christ. God’s plans continue...

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