Stay Connected

90 Day Covenant


The IBOC 90 Day Covenant is your personal opportunity to get and remain connected to God.   Wherever you find a tither, you will also find victory!  Let’s UNITE and get ourselves permanently positioned as covenant-covered believers by tithing, consistently giving a minimum 10% of our earnings back to God.  Thanks be to God who always causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus!

Changing our views of tithes and offerings is key to our victory.  Giving is ultimately our expression of appreciation and thanksgiving to God.  The enemy, Satan, wants you to think of giving as a burden or loss to develop a spirit of fear and regret within you.  That’s an old trick we must refuse! 

Instead, we are determined to keep our minds renewed.  During the 90 Day Covenant, I am sending a daily scripture, inspirational quote and personal prayer for you to speak each day as a reminder that everything we are blessed with begins and ends with God, including tithes and offerings. 
(Leviticus 27:30) 

So, are you ready to strengthen your connection to God and fully commit to our 90 Day Covenant? 
Get ready for health, wealth and complete wholeness in Christ.

Glory to God,
Pastor Rickie G. Rush & IBOC Church


I promise, January 1st - March 30th, to be consistent in my giving so God can bless me beyond my wildest dreams.     




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