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"Follow Me, And I Will Make you fishers of men."  - Matthew 4:19

Dallas church bridges community division with huge aquarium

In a time when it seems like division is everywhere, one Dallas church is using nature to remind us that we’re more alike than different.

"We still have a responsibility for human kind," said Rickie Rush, the pastor at Inspiring Body of Christ Church (IBOC).

Before you can walk into the sanctuary at IBOC, you have to pass underneath an 80,000 gallon tank that represents much more than a nice view.

"The vision came from the scripture that talks about God making us 'fishers of men,"' Rush said. "Which indicates that we have a responsibility of reaching everyone that kind of gets caught in our net. If these fish can come together from all kinds of different environments, but survive in the same tank, we can do that same thing with people."

The church has eight certified divers who range from the ages of 17 to 68, as well as a team of marine biologists that work around the clock to take care of the wildlife.

And hey…you’ve got to have pretty strong faith if you spend your Sundays swimming with sharks and stingrays.

"God blessed us to be sitting on top of an aquifer where the water supply was already taken care of before we even knew we were going to do this," Rush said. "And when it happened, it’s just like the bible said, God provided."

This church is just hoping that a few schools of fish can might actually teach us all a lesson.

"Our environment, our world, is so divided," Rush said. "I'm in here with a lot of different people, and I don’t know where they come from, and I don’t know how they survive, but this environment brings us all together."

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