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Serving in a Ministry

Do you desire to be successful in ministry? If so, get ready to not only be a servant of God but also of God's people. Servant leadership is not a position of status but a function. Effective leaders of God think outside of themselves and focus on how God can use them to assist others. Leadership positions should not be viewed as offices that only give orders and are served constantly. Instead, effective leaders of God should serve others as Christ served and examine the motives behind what they do. Servant ministry work is truly rewarding and requires purposeful, pure service. The motivation behind our ministry service should be God's Spirit and not our own selfish wants and desires. Before you choose to take part in a ministry area of church or another organization, consider some important things:


Dying to Self
You cannot serve others without dying daily to your own selfish wants, desires and attitudes. Thinking of others is a first step to beginning servant leadership.


No one should have to beg you to serve God or serve in a ministry of God. It should be voluntary and definitely in an area where you will truly be effective.


Be a team player for God and corporately work together. For example, if you choose to serve in the choir ministry, don't decide when you sing and when you do not sing. You are to be present and accounted for.


Invest time in your servant leadership. The effective leader looks beyond circumstances and presses forward. Don't serve only when it's convenient but serve through the good and bad times.


You cannot lead where you are not willing to go yourself. Be prepared to move progressively forward, paving the way for others. Effective leaders have accomplished the ministry of being a good follower.


Don't use the "wait and see method" when working with God in a ministry area. If something needs to be done, step up and effectively serve instead of waiting for someone else to do everything.


No one enjoys a lifeless server in a restaurant and the same goes for ministry work. Show the joy of God as you serve and you will inspire others to follow you as you follow Christ.


Servants are not doormats but rather humble leaders of God. Submissiveness to authority means you have learned to be strong, but humble in spirit while working as unto the Lord. Be valuable to your leader! Submit to the authority God has placed around you.